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Answer to the question “why United Healthcare Providers” is pretty simple, as you may know, health care costs keep increasing in United States, and the system is fairly complex and some would say inefficient. United Healthcare Providers are committed to improving this system, by providing only the best possible health care products to American citizens for relatively low costs.

United healthcare customer service

1. Leadership of the Industry

2. Innovative healthcare products

3. Simplified Processes

4. Dedication and commitment to the system

5. National Network

Over 660 000 doctors and other health care professionals as well as Pharmacies are the core of United Healthcare. In other words all the members have absolute freedom to choose any physician they like, freedom of choice increases access to patient’s health care and it’s only logical that this group has high rate of satisfied members.

United Healthcare Providers is without a doubt unparalleled leader of the health care industry. One of the reasons is of course affordability and highly efficient health care. Affordability Management is constantly trying to better conditions for the members by using various ways in order to improve and lower the costs in health care industry. This all thanks to vast amount of clinical data and professional analytics, which have developed practice of improving health care results.

United Healthcare offers huge range of healthcare products and specially developed programs and HC plans, also special programs that engage patients in health care process and decision making.

When patients have nowhere else to go, UHC disease management as well as other support plans helps members with treatment options.

Main goal of group is to help people live healthy and happy lives, which is being done by constantly bettering benefits and offering most efficient treatment options to the members, such approach has been proven to be most effective, and even having major impact on health care in general. Secret to success is in keeping employers healthy, so they can focus all the attention doing their jobs, with focused attention, they work more productively, spend each dollar more productively. Not just this, but entire system is optimized to make it easier and comfortable for employees to their jobs smoothly.

All the patients have access to services listed below:

Diagnosis and Information about treatment

Receive information about improvement. (All the information received regarding health condition is simply to understand)

Members can enroll various programs for alcoholics, tobacco smokers people with drug problems, there are also programs to lose weight and improve nutrition

Support is available through the phone as well as online 24/7; on top of that, health coaching is also available

Programs to manage chronic illnesses

Most important part, discounts on health products

United Healthcare works hard to improve health care for healthcare professionals, members and employers. All thanks to real time claims estimating, UHC allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to completely focus on patient treatment, without worrying about their own health. This program also includes time and money saving (via online) for employers. Online billing and eligibility management is a very simple process.

All the members have a direct access to entire network specialists 24/7, which includes nurse advice and health statement each month.

As mentioned above, UHC presents innovative health care products. We already mentioned that well informed clients about their health care make much better decisions, which naturally leads to lower costs for medical services. These programs are specifically designed to be affordable and also to keep all the members included in to the entire process of the treatment, about their health and wellbeing.

Almost all plans and programs of United Healthcare Providers are designed innovatively, which help people with HAS and HRDA. There are health programs for families as well as small and large business. Obviously all the programs give you round the clock access to the health information you seek as well as wellness support.

Center for Nursing Advancement

It’s a known fact that nurses are the largest part of the entire group of health care inAmerica. Today, heal care system counts over 2 500 000 nurses throughout the country and it is estimated that by 216, there will be more 587 000 new jobs for registered nurses. This data makes nursingAmerica’s top profession regarding job growth. Main reasons of this growth are without a doubt expansion of the nursing role over the years. Most people have wrong stereotype about what nursing means, those who think that nursing is just a bedside care, are wrong. Very often, nurses fulfill the role of care advocates, health condition consultants and they educate patients about their health. There is more, some nurses have privileges of managing treatment plans and financial analysis, which in other words means that nurses manage large amount of budget and other terms. Don’t forget that today,Americais facing an increase aging citizens and with age, people develop complex as well as chronic disease, which require nursing, this is also one of the reasons nursing role is being expanded. Basically, when nation’s need of health care is growing, it’s only natural that health care system requires completely new definition of the care term and accordingly, even more effective health care professionals to address, in home or other facilities.

United Healthcare Providers understand and recognize the growth of the health care needs, nursing care in particular, which is why the group has founded “Center of the Nursing Advancement”. In short, Center of the Nursing Advancement will operate as a conduit for the group that will focus all the attention and resources regarding nursing, its role, engagement in various strategies as well as nurse training.

Most important part of this foundation is of course training and coaching of nurses as health care professionals. This program is primarily aimed to better prepare nurses, support them to meet growing demands of health care clients.

Center of the Nursing Advancement is the part of colleagues team, which basically led the organization of new methods of providing health care, new delivery system in other words.


United Healthcare Providers pay much attention to improving value and quality of the health. And these are not just words, UHCP work together with only the best physician professionals, advisors, and other related professionals to bring in and implement latest scientific data.

When it comes to Radiology, Significant resources go to advance level and quality of imaging study, which is done by ensuring compliance and systematically providing latest updates.

Oncology resources of the group supports all the patients most important and critical factor which is decision making process.

Cardiology resources are dedicated to peer to peer data sharing information, which could be very beneficial in most of the disease and treatment management plans.

Group naturally supports Neurology and Orthopedics, Women Health Resources, Geriatric Resources. All the resources are only evidence based and meet the standards in order to improve patient’s health condition.

Health Insurance Plans

United Healthcare Providers have numbers of insurance plans for everyone. Including insurance plans for unemployed people. Just as everything else, insurance plans are primarily calculated to cost effective with vast numbers of options, for everyone, including unemployed people and their families. UHCP is involved with Golden Rule Insurance Company, which helps customers to find a fitting insurance coverage (plan), in affordable price. As expected, optional benefits are also available to purchase depending on customer’s needs.

Insurance plans:

1. Health Savings Account

This type of insurance plan is highly deductible, which is involved with tax favored savings accounts. This gives customers most effective options to reduce health care costs. This type of Insurance plan is usually very low cost and it is suitable for most people and their families.

2. Copay

This insurance plan is made for people and their families with preference of convenience. Most people are familiar with traditional “Copay” insurance plan for regular health care costs.

3. United Healthcare Student Resources Insurance plan

This insurance option is developed specifically for students and it includes all the essential medical expenses coverage.

4. High Deductible Insurance Plans

Most popular option for people and their families who want routine health care expenses.

5. Short Term

This is the specific type of insurance plan designed to fill intervals between transitions from insurance plans.

6. Dental Insurance Plans.

As you probably already know, Dental care is very expensive and managing budget for dental insurance can be complicated. Same as most of the other insurance plans from Gold Rule Insurance Company, you and your family and not to worry about can feel safe and covered and enjoy the comfort and simplicity. There are huge numbers of dental insurance plans available and special consultants from group will advise you with the best option.